How To Pick The Right Wine Glasses

How To Pick The Right Wine Glasses

wine glasses purple tree 2

wine glasses purple tree 2

It’s common knowledge that there are standard wine glasses for red, white and sparkling, but some wine enthusiasts are meticulous about their glassware, opting for the vessel that’s specifically designed for the wine they’re drinking.

While there are many different kinds of glasses for many different kinds of wine — flutes for sparklers, small glasses for dessert wine and some boast that they deliver specific wines best to specific taste buds and so on — everyone needs a good, solid, everyday glass to use for both reds and whites without thinking about it.

The truth is, you can drink pinot noir out of almost any glass and it would taste good. However, wine enthusiasts say there is a certain design that has been proven to accentuate and capitalize on those characteristics of the wine better.

The great wine blog WineFolly has enlightened us with a couple of pictures that paint a thousand words:

wine glass selection 1

The most important thing you need to know is that red wine glasses typically contain a larger bowl to release the wine’s smells and flavors. But a wide chardonnay glass, which is designed for wine with an oaky flavor and high viscosity, may be an exception.

Flute and coupe glasses commonly are used for sparkling wine.

No matter the glass you choose to buy, the ones that work best are ones that have stems. Looks are great, but a wine glass with a stem is ideal for tasting and serving wine more formally.

Anyway, it’s all about trying different things before you commit to a whole set. At the end of the day, it’s what you’re comfortable with and the way that you enjoy your drink.

The Infographic below will help you understand the differences… enjoy!

wine glasses infographic purple tree