Low Carb Isn’t Magic For Fat Loss

Low Carb Isn’t Magic For Fat Loss

Low Fat Low Carb purple tree

Low Fat Low Carb purple tree

There are many diet plans that say low fat is the way to go, while others preach the benefits of eating fewer carbs. With so many mixed messages, how are we supposed to know which is the best way to lose weight? Low carb or low fat?

Here’s a perfect example, according to Examine.com:

“In 2015, NIH researcher Kevin Hall put people in metabolic wards, controlling diet and exercise to precisely compare the effects of a low carb diet with those of a low fat diet. Both diets led to an equal amount of fat loss…

In 2016, Dr. Hall performed a follow-up experiment, this time partially funded by a non-profit organization with a low carb bent. Plus, the carb level was brought down to ketogenic levels. And yet, once again, the low carb diet showed no fat-loss magic…

Low carb diets can be great… in free-living situations (as opposed to “life” in a metabolic ward), low-carb diets can lead to greater fat loss than low-fat diets. This advantage, however, isn’t due to the sheer reduction in carb intake — because, as was made clear by the recent studies by Dr. Hall, insulin isn’t the devil when it comes to fat loss. Rather, low-carb diets can support fat loss by narrowing down food options, by helping combat addictions to sweets and processed carbs, and by promoting an increase in protein intake.”

Studies have shown over and over that the weight loss on both the low-carb as well as low-fat diets is disappointing because various factors such as genetics or metabolic factors were not taken into account.

Other things observed in low-carb and low-fat diets is that you can be on the same diet and exercise regime as the other person and your weight loss results can be different; so weight loss is not really about how hard you work.

Truth be said, instead of looking for the best diet, we should be looking for the things that help match a person to the most appropriate diet.

Reference: NIH, Examine.com

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