Why Boldo Leaves Are So Healthy

Why Boldo Leaves Are So Healthy

boldo boldine purple tree

boldo boldine purple tree

A slow-growing tree found in South America, Boldo has only recently made its way into the international market. However, in its native regions of central Chile, boldo leaves have served as a remedy for a variety of purposes. While it has been traditionally used to alleviate symptoms of digestive discomfort and hangover, studies have shown that it also supports the liver, gallbladder, overall detox and immune system.

Boldo leafs may be used to protect and promote liver health due to its various functions. It stimulates the production of bile in the liver, which serves the important function of removing many of the toxins, waste and bacteria filtered from the blood. This prevents these toxins from building up and causing liver damage.

Boldine, one of the main constituents in boldo leafs, also helps to protect the liver with two important effects. First, it helps to detox by eliminating free radicals, thus preventing them from causing damage to the cells. It also helps to protect the liver cells from many of the toxins it has filtered, reducing the risk of damage. These effects may be responsible for its use as a remedy for hangover symptoms.  Boldo leafs may also promote healing of the liver due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This can help to reduce inflammation of the liver, giving the liver a better chance to repair itself.

Aids Digestion

Perhaps its oldest usage is as a supplement for digestive health. By activating the liver’s production of bile, boldo leaf can improve the breakdown of food for nutrients. The Boldo leaf can help to calm bowel cramps, and it also serves as a mild herbal laxative to reduce constipation. Studies have shown that it reduces feelings of stomach upset, and can even be used to increase appetite for those with eating difficulties.

Eliminates Gallstones

Due to its ability to improve bile production in the liver, boldo leaf can help to eliminate gallstones from the gallbladder before they can cause problems. By increasing the amount of bile, boldo leaf helps the gallbladder to be emptied more frequently, thereby flushing out gallstones before their size becomes problematic.

Supports Immune Function

This leaf supports the body’s immune health in a variety of ways. Studies have shown that it contains a number of natural antibacterial agents which would help the immune system to eliminate infectious agents within the body. Boldo leaves help to detox and ease excess inflammation, making the immune system better able to defend the body. It also contains antioxidants which keeps free radicals from causing cell damage and prevent infections.

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