Who Drinks


Who Drinks

own your mornings

Purple Tree Organics is on a mission to help you lead a more productive, healthier routine as you celebrate life.

Purple Tree is a natural multivitamin that helps active women and men who drink to prevent hangover symptoms, promote liver and brain function, and replenish vitamins lost due to alcohol. It works by accelerating alcohol metabolism in the liver and supporting the body’s inflammatory system in a natural way.

Simply pair it with your favorite drink. And own your mornings.

Why purple tree

As you know, alcohol affects every part of our body, including our brain, liver and stomach.

Our body absorbs alcohol faster than it can metabolize it, so alcohol builds up in the bloodstream and the toxins take over. This explains the headache, nausea and fatigue associated with hangovers, and their negative effect in our morning routine and health.

Purple Tree‘ s active ingredient (Dihydromyricetin) is an extract from the Japanese Raisin Tree and has clinically shown to accelerate alcohol metabolism while protecting the liver and brain from damage.


Key benefits

Accelerate alcohol metabolism

Strengthen immune system

Replenish vitamins

How It Works

Purple Tree helps to accelerate alcohol metabolism in the liver and support the body’s inflammatory responses in a natural way. It does so by stimulating the “alcohol breakdown” enzyme, replenishing lost vitamins, and strengthening the immune system. Just take 2 (or 3) capsules before (or while) drinking. Repeat in the morning.


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